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The prequel

The first story

In 1980s, Shijiazhuang pump works hadintroduced the advanced slurry pump technology, which has been the base of theR&D institute of slurry pump.

Market development

In 1990s, the new slurry pumps technology spreadall over the country in the main industries, such as mining, metallurgy,chemistry, power plant and dredging.

New pump design for power plants

In 1996, the pump series EZ had beendesigned and manufactured, which was used for the light abrasive medium inpower plant and tailings transportation.

New pump design for the mining industry

In 1997, the pump series EZG had beendesigned and produced, which ran for abrasive slurry with a high head.

Service position

In 1998, we built a branch company specializedfor application service in the domestic market, which helps our clients to getthe fast and professional directions and maintenance services.

Service in China

In September 2004, we established 7service centers covering 5 mining area in China.

International Steps

The first step

In April 2005, we started to enter the internationalmarket with the first order in Hungary from Europe.

Team building

In August 2006, we formed the first internationalteam for the service of international market.

Market Strategy confirmation

On May 2007, we got more and moreconfidence and support from market feedback.These also helped us build the basicinternational market strategy.

Team development

In March, 2008, we established Beijingoffice for international business on 10th, Mar. Here we gathered thetalented team worker and new concept in the overseas market.

Market feedback

In June 2008, we were invited to visit ourclients in Europe to know more about the market request and offered service atsite. Excellence’s service was acknowledged by local users.

Exhibition marketing tactics

In November 2008, we joined the ChinaInternational Mining Exhibition in Beijing to show our products and services.

Global market

Till December 2008, we had offered ourproducts and service to USA, Canada, Chile, Tunis, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary,Italy, Greece, Israel, Indonesia and Philippines.

New material research

In October 2009, we had invested to studythe non-metal material for anti-abrasion with China Oil University and KunmingScience and Technology University and get the extreme distribution of themixture of polymer and Silicon Carbon from lots of tests.

Service localization

In 2009, with the local service requestsof clients, we had established the business agent relationship with the clientsfrom 15 countries.

New structural design

On January 2010, we got the first requestof the new pump design based on the fixed technical parameters in overseasmarket.

Research and study

In June 2010, we had signed a contractwith Tsinghua University for mutual research and study of the new slurry pumpgeneration.

International project

On November 2010, we got the projectSungun Molybedinum Plant for Cu-Mo minerals processing.

Technology innovation

In May 2011, we finished the first batchof design for the new hydraulic model and pump structure.

International cooperation

In December 2011, we had built thecooperation with the agents from 37 countries in 6 Continents.

Technological progress

In March 2012, we reached the agreementwith Jiangsu University for the improvement of pump hydraulic design and structure.


In 2012, we joined 8 mining equipment exhibitions, finished 17international projects and visited31 main end users in 9 countries.

New Journey


In April 2013, we confirmed that Excellence service the clientswho need professional solutions of the slurry pump applications.

Cooperation& mutual benefits

In July 2013, we worked with the mining engineering company athome and abroad for EPC and EPCM projects.

To be Continued


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